West Valley Animal HospitalLow Cost Spay & Neuter
Provides a skilled, professionally performed surgery at an affordable costProvides a surgery at a low cost by omitting certain safety measures
IV catheter during surgery for administration of fluids and emergency drugsNo IV catheter is placed
Individualized attention by the veterinarian and certified nurse throughout the hospital stayOne assistant cares for several patients per day
Temperature, heart, oxygen levels and blood pressure monitored during surgeryMinimal monitoring of vital signs
Pre-surgical exam by the veterinarianNo pre-surgical exam
Blood testing prior to surgery to check your pet’s internal healthNo blood testing prior to surgery
Comprehensive pain medication provided during and after surgeryMay not include adequate pain medication
Veterinary care throughout your pet’s recovery is provided at no chargeThere are usually fees for any veterinary care needed during your pet’s recovery period

At West Valley Animal Hospital, we believe that all animals and their parents deserve equal access to appropriate veterinary care. To reach this goal, we have partnered with the Lehigh County Humane Society to offer low-cost spays and neuters in our full-service facility. Our hope is that in doing so, we may offer you and your pet an opportunity that meets both your financial and safety needs.

If you are interested in a low cost spay or neuter for your pet, we recommend purchasing a certificate through the Lehigh County Humane Society for use here so that your pet is cared for in a full service hospital. Be sure to ask for the Lehigh County Spay and Neuter Program Certificate for West Valley Animal Hospital.

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