Veterinary Services at Our Allentown Clinic

A pet is a beloved companion and family member for life, but the length, health, and happiness of that animal’s life is up to you. Fortunately, you’ve got another great friend as well, in the form of our skilled and compassionate veterinarian at West Valley Animal Hospital. Our Allentown clinic offers a wide range of veterinary services that enhance the life of your pet from those first few critical weeks to the geriatric years. Here are some of the services and techniques we use to help your pet thrive.

Pet Wellness Programs

Keeping your pet well is half the battle, which is why we’re delighted to offer pet wellness programs for animals of all ages. Vaccinations, nose-to-tail exams, and other routine procedures can make wellness an everyday feature of your pet’s life.

Animal Medical Services

When your pet is sick or hurting, our animal medical services can help put him on the mend. We can diagnose and treat a great many conditions, referring after-hours emergencies to trusted veterinary partners as needed.

Behavioral Counseling

Pets can develop behavioral issues for a number of reasons, from fear and anxiety to sensory and neurological disorders. We can evaluate your pet’s behavior, pinpoint underlying causes of misbehavior, and help your pet overcome these obstacles.

Nutritional Counseling

Is your pet struggling with obesity, suffering from allergic reactions to specific foods, or fighting a chronic medical condition? Our nutritional counseling can ensure that you feed your pet the healthiest possible diet for his individual needs.

Surgery (Including Spay and Neuter Surgery)

Trust West Valley Animal Hospital for your pet’s surgical needs.  We provide a variety of soft tissue surgeries, including mass removals, bladder stone surgery, eyelid and ear surgeries.  We also perform spays and neuters for cats, dogs, rabbits and other exotics to prevent disease and pregnancy plus improve behavior.

Pet Dental Care

Pet dental examinations, teeth scaling and polishing and tooth extractions when needed are critical in preventing periodontal disease, infections, and discomfort. If your pet has a dental injury or condition, we offer treatment to relieve pain and infection.

West Valley Animal Hospital has a wide range of veterinary services for pets, including:

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