flea and tick products, flea and tick prevention, Lyme disease, Veterinarian, local, Macungie, Lehigh valley, allentownFlea and ticks are pests that you do not want on your pet or in your house. Taking action before these pests hop on your pet is the best way to prevent an infestation. Unfortunately, you may find that your pet has ticks on them or you have fleas breeding in your house. At West Valley Animal Hospital in Allentown, PA, we can help you prevent fleas and ticks on your pets or eradicate any that are already there. Here is everything you should know about flea and tick prevention as a pet owner.

What to Do If Your Pet Is Covered in Fleas or Ticks

If your pet has fleas or ticks, you need to remove the pests immediately.  Both parasites can carry diseases they can pass on to your pets. Fleas can also make your pet itchy and they can quickly infest your home. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the proper treatment to safely and effectively eradicate fleas from your pet and home. Ticks should be carefully and correctly removed from your pet as soon as they are noticed. If you are unable to remove ticks yourself, seek help from our veterinary staff.

Why is Flea and Tick Prevention Important

Flea and tick prevention is important because both fleas and ticks carry diseases that they can transfer to your pet.  Additionally, the itching caused by these pests can lead to skin problems and possible skin infections. Fleas and ticks can also be brought into your home. It is easier to prevent a flea or tick problem on your pet than it is to deal with the aftermath of your pet being attacked by these blood-sucking parasites. Prevention can help to keep fleas and ticks off your cat or dog.

How a Veterinarian Can Help With Flea and Tick Prevention

Here at West Valley Animal Hospital, we can help you with your flea and tick prevention needs. There are many topical and prescription oral medications that can be given to your pet to help prevent flea and tick problems. We can help you determine which product is ideal for your pet and teach you how to use it to ensure your pet is fully protected from fleas and ticks.

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