nutrition, pet nutrition, animal food, veterinarian, local, dog, cat, Macungie, Allentown, Lehigh valleyWhat your pet eats can have a huge impact on his overall health. Proper nutrition is critical for the growth of puppies and kittens, for maintenance of good health throughout your pet’s adult years and can even help treat certain diseases. We are here to help you choose a diet to meet your pet’s unique needs, regardless of his stage in life. In addition, we offer weight loss counseling for pets who have put on a few extra pounds! Over half of the pets in America today are overweight, and this can lead to illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis. A weight-loss plan, designed specifically for your pet and monitored by a veterinarian, is the safest way to help Fido or Fluffy shed that excess weight. Contact us today and check the following web resources for more dietary information:

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