Preventative health, preventative medicine, dog, cat, veterinarian, local, Macungie, Allentown, Lehigh ValleyBringing your pet in for a preventative health care (wellness) visit gives you the peace of mind that he or she is in the best possible health. Regular examinations, performed at least annually, are also the best way of catching health problems, such as dental disease, in the early stages when they are most easily treated. Senior pets or pets with certain medical conditions may need more frequent examinations. We schedule 30 minute appointments to allow time for a thorough nose to tail exam for excellent patient care, individual attention and client education.

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We all know how difficult it can be to bring our cats in for an examination. They have great skills at communicating their displeasure about carriers and car rides and can sometimes even be difficult to catch or place in a carrier. They are also, however, great tricksters at hiding illnesses and rely on us to care for them “for their own good”. Please call us for advice should you have trouble transporting your own cat or check the Healthy Cats For Life website for advice.

Dogs, cats and ferrets need vaccines to protect them from contagious diseases they can encounter in the environment or from contact with other animals. The veterinarian will coordinate a vaccine regimen that is best suited for your pet. Our staff will also help you decide how best to protect your pet from external and internal parasites and what types of lab testing would be appropriate for your pet depending on age, health and lifestyle or environment

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