Staff was amazing! Dr Hatchett was so sweet and very thorough!

-L, Susan

Dr Hatchett is the most laid back vet I have ever had. She is so gentle and kind. Explained everything she was going to do each step of the way.

-Verified Reviewer

It is hard to find a veterinary hospital that is knowledgeable about small animals. I feel very comfortable taking my two bunnies to West Valley Animal Hospital because I know they are in good hands. Everyone at this hospital is friendly and very attentive.

-Verified Reviewer

West Valley Animal Hospital has been treating my pets since opened more than 20 years ago. I trust the care they receive 100%, my pets (and me for that matter!) are treated with the utmost in care and compassion, and I’ve always received helpful information for the care of my pets, and sadly, sometimes the tough decisions. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

-P, Bonnie

This place is the best. From the phone scheduling my appointment to checking out when I left. My puppy (Gracie) is my baby. The staff seems to care about Gracie as if she were their puppy. The attention and affection they all showed my puppy was just awesome. And the Dr’s report I got by email?? So freskin’ cool!!! Love this place.

-K, Kevin

Best Animal Hospital, Veterinarian second to none….just exceptional, & staff always helpful & pleasant !

-D, Roxanne

I love West Valley Animal Hospital… Dr Hatchett is wonderful in the way she explains everything and her staff is very knowledgeable and courteous on the phone and in the office I recommend West Valley to everyone.

-B, Catherine

Dr Hatchett and her staff are the best!

-A, Art

Best doctor and staff. Very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Highly recommend.

-B, Donna

West Valley Animal Hospital is a great place to take your pets. They are knowledgeable and caring.

-K, Ann

Doctor Hatchet, in my opinion, has to be the best or one of the best vets in the Lehigh Valley and her staff is very courteous and patient! She is so very knowledgeable and so very courteous to me and she treats my dog Sara so well when we are in the office. She does a great job explaining Sara’s exam to me and gives me great advice but she is not pushy about pushing things on me like some vets in the area have done. I believe Dr. Hatchet is a very honest vet and I know that she would never push any unnecessary tests or surgeries on me. I holehardley trust her and I will not take Sara anywhere else for her health care! I’m so glad I found her!

-C, Mike

Dr Hatchett and the staff were great. They are very knowledgeable, professional and caring for my pet.

-M, Matt

West Valley Aninal Hospital is a great place to take your pets. The staff is superb, friendly and attentive, and Dr Hatchett is a very caring dr. that takes as much time as you need, to discuss options for your pets care. I am very happy there!

-G, Nancy

I travel 40 minutes to West Valley Animal Hospital for my pet. I would not trust anyone else with her care. You can tell the staff genuinely cares about your pet and provides the best care possible.

-W, Sherri

We have been clients for many years and have only positive things to say about West Valley Hospital, Doctor Hatchett and staff.

-H, Doug

Small family vet clinic! They are very friendly.

-O, Brigitte

My fur babies are so blessed to have such great, compassionate, very qualified professionals for their health and care.

-S, Laura

West Valley animal hospital has been and continues to be the best. Caring, COMPASSIONATE AND KNOWLEDGABLE

-K, Ginger

What a great place. Easy to schedule appointments, with no long lag time. Very helpful reminders via email or regular mail concerning needs of my pets, such as when rabies shots are due. They treat my pets in a careful friendly manner which seems to relax the pets.

-N, David

The West Valley staff is professional, caring and friendly. We have been with Dr. Hatchett for many years and a number for fur babies. We trust the West Valley team!

-K, Peg

My numerous pets have been patients at West Valley animal hospital for many years and have always had an excellent experience. Dr. Hatchette is very knowledgeable and patient. Her staff is caring and kind.

-Verified Reviewer

Very through in explaining pets health and recommendations,I have nothing but good to say about the vet and her staff.been talking my pet’s there for almost 5 years and a totally awesome place for pet care,THANKS FOR TAKING CARE OF MY PET AS YOUR OWN.

-Verified Reviewer

Dr. Martha Hatchett and the ENTIRE staff of West Valley Animal Hospital are and always have been the absolute best over the many years. We could not have asked for anything more. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate, just wonderfulthe perfect spreadsheets for your website!

-M, Ginny & Jim

Although I haven’t been to Dr. Hatchett’s clinic since seeing it prior to her opening it (if she’s in the same place as she was before I left PA), you are all very fortunate to find a loving and caring Doctor. I had the honor of working with Dr. Hatchet (she may not remember), many, many years ago. I found her to be one of the best Veterinary doctors ever. She gave each patient all the time and care they needed, never rushed anyone. She would work so late sometimes and miss out eating because she was more concerned about taking care of her patients, than to asking care of herself. I’m so happy to see all these wonderful photos and great feedback that you leave for her and her staff, she deserves it! So happy for you Martha, keep up the great work! Oh, and you need to be in more of the pictures! Kindest regards, and best wishes for continued success.


Absolutely the best. Dr. Hatchett and the entire staff are caring, friendly, understanding and concerned with your situation and your pet’s health, comfort and happiness. We couldn’t ask for more. The time spent with you, the knowledge shared, the compassion shown is above any I’ve experienced. We’ve been with Dr. Hatchett for many, many years through numerous furry family members. Together we have enjoyed the journey from babies to adults – yearly exams, operations and sadly, gently, helped them go when needed. I can’t say enough good about Dr. Hatchett. She obviously sets the standard for the office and she sets it well. They are all outstanding.


These people were so nice to me and my baby Image. They didn’t get frustrated at the fact that I kept calling checking up on Image (she got spayed). Then when I went to pick her up I was welcomed as if they known me for a while (this was our first time there) then tadaaaa here comes the nurses slowly holding her like if they enjoyed every second with her. They was holding her close to make her feel comfortable. The girl looked so peaceful literally the first time I ever allowed anyone to hold my Yorkie like that and it did not bother me. They did a great job although I was emotional there and when I came home. But this was a option well made. They made my Image visit an unforgettable one I’ll recommend this place to everyone who deeply loves their animal this is a trusted place


Dr. Hatchett was my very first vet. She was so gracious when she had to put my first cat down. I was just a kid but she made such a lasting impression on my whole family. Now I just recently rescued a dog and apparently I have come full circle and faced to face with Dr Hatchett once again. We both started out near Danilesville and now we’ve ended up down the street from each other near trexlertown. I’m thinking it’s fate. Not to mention I had an extreme rescue case that needed a ton of attention. The entire staff offered my baby more love and attention that I could ever ask for! They love it when we stop in and my dog actually LOVES going there! I’ve never had an animal enjoy a vet visit so this tells me a lot! I always say…trust your pet cause they are better in tune with their instincts then we could ever imagine!