We Offer a Range of Services Here at West Valley Animal Hospital

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Dr. Hatchett, Karen, Becky, Jennifer, Christine, Sarah

Our staff has decades of experience caring for the needs of pets. This starts at the top with the veterinarian at the head of our practice, Dr. Martha Hatchett, who has over 30 years of veterinary experience. Even when they’re not working in the office, our staff is connected to animal-oriented businesses and organizations throughout the community. We use all of our collective hands-on know-how to deliver the services your family needs and to keep your pets thriving and happy.

We Care About Pet Health—Both Physical And Mental

At some point in time, most pet owners think, “I wish my pet could speak.” While they don’t use words, the good news is that animals do have ways of expressing their needs. We are trained not only to read them, but also to successfully intervene in case of behavioral concerns.

We offer behavioral counseling as just one of our counseling services. We help address separation anxiety, other anxieties, fear of storms or fireworks and other behaviors including the challenges of adding a new pet to your house, whether a puppy, kitten, young exotic animal or a newly rescued pet.

We Have Services for All Ages and Types

The young and the old have different needs. There are also breed-specific concerns that pet owners may be faced with requiring specific medical, dental or surgical care. End-of-life hospice care and euthanasia is yet another concern pet owners have, fortunately usually later on in your pet’s life. We accommodate all of these life stages, with comprehensive service offerings as well as referral options, if needed.

We’re Big on Learning and Giving You Options

One of our core values is service and one of the key ways in which we achieve this is through education. The choices you and your family make surrounding your pets can be some of the most difficult decisions. Our staff is here to guide you. This starts by giving you all of the facts you need in order to make the best decisions possible. Our site also has information on trending topics and links to trusted resources for additional information and context.

We’re Here for Your Pets and Your Family

Set up an appointment today, for a check-up or a specific issue. We are just a phone call away at (610) 530-0600.